About Our Curriculum

  1. Under our “thematic teaching” structure, all the prepared themes are based on children’s life experiences and things that they are familiar with. K2 and K3 students will also participate in design activities that are children-oriented to cultivate their exploring spirits.
  2. The spoken English course, which consists of English nursery rhyme, games and storytelling, is taught by native-speaking English teacher to enhance children’s confidence and ability to communicate in English.
  3. The Putonghua course, which consists of storytelling, nursery rhyme and games, is taught by professional Putonghua teacher to enhance student’s ability and interest to listen and speak Putonghua.
  4. We implement information technology teaching with the EVI platform and the Kiddie World system to provide multiple chances for interactive learning of information technology.
  5. Various talks and outing activities will allow children to absorb knowledge from different aspects and to broaden their horizons by extending learning activities from classroom to the community.
  6. Under our continuing assessment system, we constantly observe children’s performances to give them an all-round evaluation through thematic assessment and children learning assessment.

  • Two session of English lesson taught by native-speaking English teacher every week
  • One sessions of Putonghua lessons taught by professional Putonghua teacher every week
  • One session of religious lesson every week
  • Game Day once a month
  • Birthday party every two months